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RETIREMENT HOUSING EXPLANATIONS to help you find your perfect retirement property.
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  Abbeyfield Society The Abbeyfield Society is a UK-wide volunteer-led charity providing housing with support or care for older people. The Society has about 800 houses in the United Kingdom and most provide Supported Sheltered Housing..
  Access Whilst many people still prefer to go upstairs to bed and are more than happy in cottage schemes, in apartment blocks it is wise to ensure that there is a lift. Not all schemes are without steps in communal areas and some paths may not be level or can be badly lit. It is worth checking these things out and obviously suitability for wheelchairs especially if you're already in one..

These are prepared by the management organisation for each scheme and usually discussed together with the budget for the next year at owner's annual meetings..

  Acorn Safety Tubs

Comfortable bathing with slip resistant floors. Telephone 0800 073 9819 or


At different schemes these may include coffee mornings, afternoon tea, bowls, exercise classes, lectures, fishing, birthday parties, group outings, swimming, tennis, boating, outings to beauty spots, theatre, holidays, gardening.......

  Administrator Usually another word for scheme manager or estate secretary..
  Age Requirements

More often than not it is a condition of both the lease and planning permission that occupants should be of a certain age. This does not always mean that you have to be over fifty-five to buy a retirement property. A Trust or nephew may buy a property providing the occupier qualifies in age terms.

  Aid-Call Aid-Call is an alarm service whereby you wear a pendant or wrist band which when pressed in an emergency alerts a twenty-four hour monitoring centre. The centre in turn contacts a nominated list which may include family and emergency services. Aid-Call is based in Newton Abbot, Devon Tel: 0800 772266.
  Almshouses The Almshouse Association : Billinger Lodge, Wokingham, Berkshire RG40 5RU Tel: 01344 452922 The Almshouses at Froxfield in West Berkshire were the inspiration for English Courtyards first development of luxury retirement housing in 1978. Almshouses have traditionally looked after people of reduced means and are administered by charitable bodies..

Anchor is England's largest not-for-profit provider of housing and care for older people. It is dedicated to helping older people live safely, securely and independently with a choice of services to suit all needs.

  Annual Meetings

Held at each development to discuss the level of services provided and agree future budgets..


Lifts you in and out of your bath. Fits into an existing bath.


Association of Retirement Housing Managers: Membership is open to oganisations which manage leasehold retirement and sheltered housing. Compliance with a Code of Practice is the most important requirement of membership.


Association of Retired and Persons Over Fifty. Social organisation stimulating interest in relevant issues. Has a membership magazine and offers help and advice with legal and tax matters..

  Assignable leases

Where you are free to sell your lease on the open market in the normal way..

  Assignment Many leases require consent to assign by the landlord before contracts can be exchanged on a property. In many cases the intending occupier may have to attend an interview so that the landlord is happy people are able to live in the development independently..
  Association of Retirement Housing Managers

Professional organisation committed to high standards of estate management in retirement housing..


Partnerships offer competitive rates for dispersed alarm equipment and annual maitenance packages. Contact


  Attendance Allowance

A fairly complicated system whereby people aged sixty-five plus are able to claim financial assistance with their care costs where they are disabled and have needed almost constant care for a period of six months. Contact Social Security..