Retirement Property Search
55+ retirement property search is principally a county/country guide for those people generally looking to move to smaller more manageable property usually close to shops. Traditional second home markets in Western Europe are also partly covered.

Your Portfolio
Your portfolio lets you build up a selection of properties which is kept in your own folder and which you can access at any time with your own password. You can then keep an up to date record of all the properties that you or your family may be interested in. You can also e-mail this basket of properties to interested friends and relatives via the e-mail facility (mailing list) within your portfolio.
Personal Property Search & Aquisition
Fifty5plus offers a professional and personal service in the search for retirement property. We act for buyers seeking all forms of retirement property from second homes, pied a terres, new developments in historic market towns and the very best traditional retirement housing. With our comprehensive knowledge....
Equity Finance
Building Societies, banks and most major reputable insurance companies now offer cash release plans on retirement property. One of the anomolies of modern life is that there is often a discrepancy between assets and income and as a homeowner you may recognise this situation. A solution to this problem is known as Equity Finance....

Overseas Property & Retirement Abroad
To rent or buy, overseas property is always worth considering. A quality retirement property in beautiful surroundings with a virtually guaranteed climate is always attractive. A villa in Italy or Portugal, an apartment in Spain, a farmhouse in France, or a luxury house in Cape Towns' most exclusive areas: all conjure up undeniable magic. South Africa is....

Gardens & Places
Provide cover, shrubs or small trees, close to your property if possible so that birds can approach feeders without feeling too exposed. Feed throughout the year and not just in the winter and spring. Choose the foods appropriate to the breeds you want to encourage, especially in the breeding season. To reduce competition , supply ......

Travel & Holidays
Specialtours‘ reputation rests to a great extent on the special private visits which they are able to arrange, thanks to a network of contacts established over 35 years, particularly in Italy, but also in France, Spain, Great Britain, the United States and elsewhere. These visits range from drinks, lunches or dinners in private homes, to owner-guided visits to art collections or gardens....

Residential & Nursing
Most homes offer 'a combination of care' or 'different levels' some with Nursing and some with Dementia. Is nursing care required or not? In this database the levels of care are indicated by the type of care home namely: Personal Care (residentail only), ....

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